Use Location As a Magnet to Attract Customers!

Use Location As a Magnet to Attract Customers
Use Location As a Magnet to Attract Customers

As you have read the title of this blog, I am going to state the importance of location in a business. Read this blog until the end. This can change the way your business working now. experience something profitable out your business. There are around 200 factors considered by Google to rank your business. One among them is the bounce rate. Many of you are in a miss conception that bounce rate is because of only irrelevancy and bad user experience. You are wrong an unheard reason is location marketing. You will learn how can you implement location Intelligence in your business to increase your customers and decrease your bounce rate.

 Location Intelligence Checklist contains:

Google My Business:

Use Location As a Magnet to Attract Customers

Google My Business is a tool created by Google to guide local searchers to their nearest destination. By enrolling your business in Google my Business helps your business appear when someone looks for your business in his area or in the maps. This helps you in getting potential customers. A study says that 82% of Google My Business searches are intended to buy your service or product immediately. So being present on Google My Business always help your business. But there is a problem. Managing Google My Business Listing is really time-consuming and difficult for you. There might be errors which might not fetch you, customers. So I always recommend you to contact Google My Business Management Service which will definitely help you. Google My Business helps you in targeting relevant customers who willing to buy and are near to you!

Perks of Google My Business:

  • Hassle-free communication with your customers
  • Always attract potential customers who really need your product/service
  • Know your customer base living around you! 

Cross-Platform Global and Local SEO:

As I have already said there are chances of increased bounce rate without implementing location Intelligence in your business. I am going to discuss how we can implement. Always curate your online presence according to your presence. For example, If you are having a coffee shop at NewYork and you get online visitors from California, There is a terrific mistake in your SEO. In this case, your bounce rate increases rapidly because visitors leave your website as it is not in their location. Google assumes that website to be irrelevant and rank you low. Hence always implement location insight in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work. Location acts as a backbone to your business online. Hence, I advise not to do individually instead, opt for Cross-Platform Local and Global SEO Services. They are experts who are capable of curating your content which fits in all platform and has location insight too.

Perks of Local SEO:

  • Avoid unwanted customer traffic
  • Rank high in your location
  • Be available whenever your customers search for you!

Data Analytics:

Data Analytics provides all the information of how your website is performing in different locations. This helps you in analyzing your performance and taking a decision whether you can improve or is it enough. In many cases, their present location data is not rich enough for them to decide. The reason is their website isn’t optimized for that. So I always recommend you to first complete above to checklist segments before this. All the reports you have got from your website’s performance not only help you but it also helps your customers. I can simply say that turning your data into insight helps your customers with a better experience. In this way, you can witness an increased number of customers! But doing this wrong can result in a catastrophe so always consult expert data analysts who can help your website. 

Perks of Data Analytics:

  • Data always helps you in increasing your performance.
  • Helps in decision making.
  • Helps you in improving your location-based service.

That’s it now I can confidently conclude this blog. Hope you guys have understood the importance of location in your business. Now go contact expert Location Intelligence Service of GlobalClarity!

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