11th May 2020

Time to Payback CAC

Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC

Time to Payback CAC

Time to Payback CAC shows the number of months required by the company to earn back the amount spent on customer acquisition. It shows how well your product or service pricing is and also helps you in understanding your company's performance standard. With GlobalClarity's Time to Payback CAC Calculators you can know your Time to payback CAC in seconds. This helps in making quick and efficient decisions. SO use our Time to Payback CAC Calculators immediately to know yours.

Why is it important to know Time to Payback CAC?

‚Äč1.Helps in knowing after how many months a customer turns profitable.

2. Time to Payback CAC indicates the efficiency of a company

3. If Time to Payback CAC is near to 5 months your company is said to be efficient. If it is near to 12 months, it indicates a malfunction in your business process.


Business Metrics

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (CLTV)

Customer Life Time Value represents the amount a customer spends on your business in a lifetime of his relationship with the company. Use our calculator to know your company’s CLTV.

Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator (CAC)

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a metric used to know total avg cost spent by your company to acquire new customers. Check your company’s CAC now.

Marketing % Of Customer Acquisition Cost

Calculate the total marketing portion of your total CAC, Represented in percentage (%).

Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC

The Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to CAC is a metric which shows the total lifetime value of a customer to the total cost spent on that customer to acquire him.

Marketing Originated Customer %

The Marketing Originated Customer % is a metric which shows the percentage of customers of a company who are acquired by their companies marketing efforts.

Marketing Influenced Customer %

Marketing Influenced Customer % helps you in knowing what percentage of customers interacted with your marketing team in their purchase journey. Calculate your companies MIC% now.


Most frequent questions and answers

Margin Adjusted Revenue is How much your customers pay on average per month

In industries where your customers pay a monthly or annual fee, you normally want your Payback Time to be under 12 months. The less time it takes to payback your CAC, the sooner you can start making money off of your new customers. Generally, most businesses aim to make each new customer profitable in less than a year.

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