30th April 2020

Review Checker

Check your reviews and ratings in one step​

We’ve created a simple and free tool that checks your business’ reviews and ratings across the web. See where you’re doing well, where you need to improve, and how your Google reviews stack up against local competition.

Check Your Reviews!

It’s 100% Free to use the Review Checker, all you need is a Whitespark account. Then, search your business to identify where you need to focus your acquisition efforts, and areas for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Business Checks/Searches Do I Get?

You can complete 3 searches per day to check any business’ reviews and ratings across the web.

How Many Times Can I Recalculate the Business Category to See My Google Review Score?

You get 5 Recalculations per day.


See how your business stacks up across different categories by recalculating your Google Review Score. Simply click Recalculate and manually enter a different category (by default the tool uses the Primary category associated with your Google My Business listing).

Which category does the Review Checker Use to calculate my Google Review Score?

The Review Checker uses the Primary category that you have set in your Google My Business listing.

If you choose to ‘Recalculate” then the tool will calculate your Google Review Score based on the updated category you’ve chosen.

How is the Google Review Score Calculated?

To calculate the Google Review Score we take into account your location, the category your business is listed in, your listing’s overall rating, and the total number of reviews your business has compared to the competition.